It’s The Little Things

When Mason asked me to do another blog post, I was more than happy to oblige; but naturally I had to wrack my brains to find a suitable topic. Or at least one I’d actually want to write about. Thankfully, Mason already had a question waiting for me – what makes life worth living? This question is one that has many answers, and the answer you’ll get is completely dependant on the person you ask. I can only answer for me, of course, but my gut instinct was to say the little things are what makes life worth living.

To me, little things are the things that make me happiest. The smell of freshly cut grass and old library books, the taste of my first cup of tea of the day, the feel of fresh bed sheets, the thrill of trying something new, a sweet message from my partner or a friend, a compliment or a smile from a stranger – although all cliches, all give me that little buzz of happiness in my gut. Another cliche answer is love. Whilst this wasn’t my gut-instinct-answer, it’s all too true. Not just the love of a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband, but the feeling of support and warmth from family and friends. When I’m feeling down, you can guarantee that my other half or my best friends are there for me in a heartbeat. I don’t consider myself to be someone with a lot of friends – but my closest friends are always there to remind me life is worth living.
They say to do one thing every day that scares you. Sometimes, just living can be the scariest thing. But if it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be important. Remind yourself that the little things are what makes life worth living, and you’ll be okay.



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