Welcome to Third Time Enabled! I started this site in 2015, on an ordinary Saturday afternoon just after qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix. Motorsport has always been a huge part of my life, but ever since that day, so has this project. When it began I was just three days away from my 18th birthday, and I thought that moment an ideal one in which to begin recording my life. The site was therefore originally meant to function like any other blog, updating its readers on all the anecdotes, emotions and ideas I had to spare. All of those things still feature heavily, of course, but I hope that it will eventually grow into something that many more can relate to and enjoy, with plenty of tricks up its sleeve. Above all, however, if anything here lifts even one person’s spirits – making their day just that little bit better – I will be very pleased indeed. Please feel free to take a look at the posts we have. There’s a lot more where they came from.

I hope you like what you see!