Notes from a Dry Spell

I can’t take this anymore. So many people around me seem to believe that time drags on, and that everything takes too long to happen (although Dad insists that we should never wish our lives away). I should make clear that for me, this has never really been the case. Hours, days, weeks, months and years all pass in the blink of eye, and such swift acceleration has proved a problem so far this month – at least where this blog is concerned. As you will have noticed, tomorrow is the last day of November, and save for one post a few weeks ago and another written recently by Will, I have had no proper ideas for material at any point in the entire month.

Usually, when I come to write a post, I like to try and visualise the first and last few sentences. That way I can get the gist of what I want to say, and this generally allows me to fill the gap in between. Recent times, however, have really seen me clutching at straws. I simply haven’t been able to see a first or last line anywhere in my mind, and what I have come up with has been forced and born out of pure desperation. It kept occurring to me that if I let November roll on like this, going as quickly as a month always does for me, I would finish it with only two posts – as was the case in October as well. Such neglect of this blog does not sit well with me as even when I do have very little to write about, I feel like I can’t leave what is almost my life’s work. I started a journey when I began writing in August last year, one that has allowed me to tell many great stories – some from previously unexplored parts of my mind – and hear lots of very lovely words from the people who have read and appreciated it. Why would I want to give up the uplifting feelings that these things have brought? I wouldn’t – but I can never predict when or where the creative juices might stop flowing. It happens suddenly and without mercy, and you can spend so long obsessing over not being able to follow an idea through that the moment will pass and enthusiasm for it will be lost. That’s why I wish time passed more slowly sometimes – it would allow me to be calmer and clearer about an idea without any of the worry associated with it. I wouldn’t have to worry that I was neglecting this blog by not committing to the smallest concept, and most importantly I wouldn’t have to publish something slightly random like this!



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