Grand Theft Auto

Hey guys, Will here for yet another cameo. This time around, I wanted my post to be something more personal. I’m here to tell a couple of stories about Mason. Now, over the 5+ years of friendship, Mason and I have had enough misadventures that most of them are like one big montage. But there are a couple of tales that I wanted to reveal.

The first story regards Mason’s ability to traverse obstacles. As you might know, Mason is bound to a wheelchair, but that usually does not halt him from going where he damn well pleases. Trust me, I’ve been shocked many a times by his ability to sneak up on me. His capability often makes me forget about his wheelchair. This story is set in our youthful era, when we were heading from school into town. In order to get to the other side of the road, Mason had to of course get onto it. Now, the majority of the time this is a doddle-he just wheels his way to a slope in the pavement. However, this particular stretch of road was poorly maintained, with a quite an awkward steep incline between the edge of the pavement and the actual road. I hadn’t seen this, and clearly, neither had Mason. Because he chose to assail this obstacle head on. I was too busy walking ahead, chatting to two other old school friends. The next thing I heard were a couple of high-pitched expletives behind me. I turned around to be greeted with four wheels, all not touching the floor. Mason’s wheelchair was on its proverbial backside, leaving Mason helpless to do anything but do a bit of cloud-spotting. I have to admit (and this site’s owner will testify to this) that I am not an expert in showing concern in these situations. Seeing the sight of this wheelchair about to take off like a space shuttle had me creased up laughing, whilst trying to help my beached best friend. I was relieved however to see that Mason had found it even funnier. That’s the best thing about our friendship. Any crisis easily becomes less of one because we’re too busy crying with laughter about it. Mason sees the bright side of any situation, which can pull you through even the darkest of days. And with some work, we had been able to right his wheelchair, and were able to proceed to our destination.

The second story is one that might make you think less of me. And I mean a lot less. Mason has made a lot of references to his love of Formula 1. I myself, however, have never been able to see the appeal. A bunch of vehicles going round and round very fast isn’t my perfect idea of entertainment. But one Summer’s day, I decided to give it a try. In Mason’s wheelchair. With my best friend in a static chair, I relieved him of his traditional mode of transport and decided to drive round and round the Sixth Form Common Room. All of a sudden, I found the appeal in racing, although most of the professional drivers didn’t have to pinch the car they’re about to drive. I was having great fun, and I’m sure even Mason was warming to the concept of me having a test drive. That was until I lost control of his wheelchair and crashed into a whole row of chairs. Whilst I was perfectly happy to proceed with my joyride, Mason decided that I was henceforth banned from driving his wheelchair ever again.

In the several years I’ve known Mason, he’s never once complained about his struggles. The things he has endured and achieved has taken bravery and determination. I will forever be in awe of the way he’s adapted despite the hardship dealt to him. If I was in his shoes, I would be the most miserable and cynical person in the world. Oh, wait, I already am…

So those are just two drops of memories within a whole ocean of our friendship. This ignored all of the national scandals, conversations and other antics we’ve been involved in. Mason, if you’re reading this, here’s to many more, pal.



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