The Price of Politics

Hello readers, I’m Emily. I’ve been a friend of Mason’s for about 5 years now. Once I saw my other friend Will post on his blog, I jumped at the chance to get involved.

I consider myself a very political person, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to post about, but I have no blog of my own, and I was reluctant making one just for this. Thank the Lord for Mason.

I reiterate, I consider myself a very political person. I’m very much a left-wing, feminist nerd, if you will. But one thing I always encourage everyone else to do is make their own decisions and do their own research.

I grew up in a Conservative run area, which lead to quite a big pressure to vote for them. This is partially why I am so passionate about people forming their own opinions, as I’m far from considering voting for them now!

I believe that you should not force someone to get involved with politics – doing so may sway their vote towards a party they don’t fully understand. Some believe that women especially should always vote if able due to feminists dying for us to be able to. But they died to give us the same opportunity as men, which is the CHOICE to vote.

Politics is a funny thing, there are no right or wrong answers to it (morally is a different matter). Everyone’s opinions will be different depending on personal experience, how they’ve grown up and the views they’ve gathered from the outside world themselves. Regardless of who you go to, whether they feel they are impartial or not, chances are if they know a lot about politics they will have a biased opinion. And I’m a firm believer that you should decide for yourself your own views.

Someone once told me I would make a good politician – something I was very offended by. Some of you may find that odd being that I introduce myself as a political human being. Here’s why – politicans are professional liars. Some politicans are much more honest than others. But a lot of the time you will find some hide some of their policies (those which the majority would disagree with) whilst speaking publicly. Similarly, asking someone for their political opinion for guidance will be sheltering you from lies from one party and truths from other. Everyone likes to make the party they support seem perfect, and that’s never the case.

Moral of this post? Do your own research. And never tell someone they’d make a good politician!



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