The Title Time Capsule

Whenever I think about the long-term future of this blog, how it could come to evolve and develop, I notice one thing that never seems to feature in my plans. No matter what I might want to achieve, be it big or small, it’ll never involve changing the title. Third Time Enabled – the name appearing above every page. Indeed, every time I go to my Settings, the option is there, with the cursor flashing over a box that would enable me to change the very identity of this project in an instant.

It stares me in the face, almost daring me to act, but I ignore it. This is out of pure sentimentality, as the name is a product of a certain time in my life. When I created this blog one Saturday back in August, I was at something of a crossroads, transitioning from a time bearing a certain amount of negativity into one that seemed much brighter and happier. If this is still running in several years’ time – and for now I have set a timeframe of at least two years – I would like to be reminded of that period when I look at those three words. In this respect, the name really is a time capsule, albeit a small one – a minute but (to me at least) link between the past and the present. Perhaps, if I was starting to write these posts today, the choice of “Third Time Enabled” would be ill-advised. Even if it isn’t particularly snappy, however, it does get me to the top of the web search results. After all, my choice won’t exactly be a common one, will it? And who cares anyway? It’s unique to me, it has meaning and value in my eyes, and it’s encouraging too. “Enabled” is the opposite of “disabled”, and this blog certainly has enabled me. It’s set me free in one sense, and allowed me to express my thoughts, ideas and feelings in my own way on a platform I’m free to build up. And nobody can say otherwise. Who wouldn’t want that?



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