A Novelty Worn Out

When I first started on a new post yesterday, I briefly but carefully considered the idea of inserting an elaborate April Fool’s joke into it. Later on in the day, however, I decided against it, mainly because I’m not mean like that – but also because I believe they just don’t work any more. I can’t remember the last time I saw a prank I’ve properly fallen for, because every year you just come to expect them, and whenever I do see one I can usually see straight through it. There’s a real lack of originality in them these days, or any kind of ability to prevent suspicion.

There should be room for comedy gold on April Fool’s Day, but just about everything clever has already been done, leaving only mediocre attempts that feebly serve the name of the day. This, for me, begs the question – do we really need April Fool’s Day now? As much as I hate to be a killjoy, I really doubt anyone would really notice if it was quietly removed from the calendar. It’s the only named day I’d happily disregard, because it’s lost all meaning, if it even had any in the first place. Putting “APRIL FOOL!” at the end of something does not make it funny.

This has been an unusually small and possibly rubbish rant. Sometimes these things just have to be done!






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