Long Time No See

A couple of days ago, on my lunch break from my current work placement, a familiar voice called my name through the hustle and bustle of the town. It was one I hadn’t heard in a while, but upon turning I matched it to my friend Emily, following close behind. I hadn’t seen her in several months, but to see her again was a very welcome and very nice surprise. Now we’re out of school, with our lives taking their respective paths, the most effective way for us to keep in touch is through social media, and whilst that’s a godsend in one sense, it is infinitely more uplifting to encounter someone again on the street after so long.

I told Emily myself that seeing as I hadn’t seen anybody I knew since starting my placement, I was glad she was the first. In the past she’s given me some very happy times, so as someone who has a lot of time for her I was pleased to spend even five minutes in her presence. I’m always open about the people who mean a lot to me – you should have grasped that by now! Personally, it’s always touching when people take the time to stop and talk to me, even if I do sometimes struggle to get any words out. It was great to find out that all was well with Emily, especially seeing as she’s recently gotten a new job that I’m sure she’ll enjoy. It will always satisfy me to see a friend going far with something they’re passionate about, and I’m sure Emily has a lot further to go yet. She was pleased that my placement is progressing well too, and – as is always the way with positivity like that – I felt my mood improve that little bit more.

I try to make my posts interesting and readable for everybody, no matter what their situation may be, but from the moment Emily left me to go into a shop before her bus left I knew I wanted to record the meeting here, perhaps just to put my own feelings forward. I do what I can to stay in touch with her and all of the friends I haven’t seen recently, but as I may have said before, the idea of being able to see someone for the first time in so long and just pick up where you left off is special. It happened with Emily on that day – I’m glad it can happen like that, and I’m very grateful it did, because it not only put a smile on my face, but it also inspired me to write this post, and was among the things that have made my week.



One thought on “Long Time No See

  1. Hey Mason! Long time no talk. I’m so glad you’ve upkept your blog – unlike me, haha. It’s good to hear (read) that you are doing well. You truly are a magnificent writer, and I wish you all the best on your future endeavors.


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