Sweet Nectar

I’ve said before how I love the effect that Christmas has on us. The emotional benefits are like a drug, something I personally can’t get enough of. When I think about it, and when the festive season actually begins, I almost feel weightless, totally light. All of the worries I might have, whether they are big or small, literally drop away – and this never happens more effectively than it does in December.

With last year having been difficult in places it’s even more noticeable this year just what kind of benefits this wonder medicine brings. It embraces all of the senses in a way that only a select number of other occasions in life can. The eyes are dazzled by even the cheesiest of tinsel or light arrangements and by the illuminated faces of loved ones who are themselves completely unburdened in the moment. The pine needles of the Christmas tree – the selection of which is a bit of a lottery when it comes to the size you end up with – may fail to stay attached to their plant, but their scent clings unmistakably to all nostrils. To me, it’s a very endearing smell, and it means that I don’t mind the carpet being covered in the green spindly things. The tastes leave nothing to be desired, whether it’s turkey or Toblerone you’re eating, although some of the more questionable Christmas songs might when it comes to the ears.

Without the mouth, laughter could not be heard. Although it’s something most of us do daily, I think that what it represents – unity, friendship and love – and its gravity and power can be appreciated most of all at that time of the year. For me, the fact that one of the most addictive elements of everyday life is incorporated so warmly into this kind of celebration is amazing also. It’s never frowned upon at Christmas, there never seems to be an inappropriate moment. It continues to strengthen my excitement for the festivities, always leaving me hungry for more. Perhaps best of all, it doesn’t matter if you’re laughing in anticipation of Christmas or when it’s in full swing – I chose to write this post almost a week away from the start of December, because who wants to be writing it when there might be a party to enjoy?

Bring on Tuesday!



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