When The Going Gets Tough…

…the tough start their Christmas shopping. I’ve just found out that I won’t be starting my new job until January, and whilst I’m thrilled to finally know I do have that job, this means that in the meantime I have lots of chances to buy people presents. Now that I’m 18, and that I have full control over my finances, I don’t really have any excuses to buy anything rubbish this year!

Although people (probably including me) find Christmas shopping slightly stressful, I think it could be a welcome distraction for me. Firstly, it’ll take my mind off of the fact I have even less to do over the next month or so, and secondly I hopefully won’t notice that at about exactly this time last year I was at my lowest possible point. Remember what I said about making this November better than last year’s? This is one of the steps I’m taking – after all, occupying your mind with anything is better than doing nothing and letting yourself stew and worry. And you can be sure that present-hunting will do the trick, because it can take ages to even choose one!

So far I’ve only managed to buy one present, for my brother. I won’t tell you what it is in case he reads this, but what I will say is that for an item of its kind, it took too long to find (hey, that rhymes)! Eventually I settled upon what I’d get him and it’s on its way – having been my first solo online purchase, which made me feel very grown-up – but only after at least half an hour had passed. I think it might be the only time I’ll ever be thankful for my brother being so picky, and it probably shows that I really needn’t be too concerned about the gap of time before I start my new job. Of course, I’m probably speaking too soon, because I still have at least three more presents to think about, but it’ll kill some time. Who knew that retail therapy could almost be just that – therapeutic? And all for the joys of Christmas too?

Hurrah for picky siblings everywhere!



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