Yellow Smoke

How did you spend your Valentine’s evening? I spent mine not only single, but shivering outside too, having set off the fire alarm by burning some microwave rice. As it turns out, sometimes you have to put it in some water before you can microwave it. Who knew? I certainly didn’t, at least not until yellow smoke was filling the kitchen. Needless to say, I was very embarrassed, and I’ll make sure I read my packets much more carefully in future.

In case you were wondering, no harm came to anyone, and no firefighters were required – the smoke cleared once the windows had been opened and the extractor fans turned on. The microwave, which perished during its ordeal, has been replaced as well. For its safety, and that of my flatmates, I’ll be veering away from eating anything hot tonight. The last thing we want is another disaster, so I think I’ll tuck into some crackers instead…



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