What Can I Say About Christmas?

I have managed to publish a post here on each of the last two Christmas Eves, and I hope that they both managed to encapsulate the joy and excitement I feel each December in the eyes of those who read them. This is, after all, a truly magical time of year for which I am always hugely thankful. It has to be said, however, that such posts are getting harder to write – since I now risk sounding insincere – so when I came to think about what I was going to say this time, I was more than a little bit stuck. I eventually decided that it would probably be best for me to look at the festive period from a perspective that is even more personal than usual, as I can look back at the year leading up to it with a lot of pride.

Being one semester in to a three-year degree course, I have already seen, experienced and learned a lot – as I sit in the glow of the Christmas tree lights, I couldn’t be happier with how everything has gone. The work that I have done has given me good marks in return, I have bonded really well with Lara and a host of other friends, and I have lived independently without getting significantly poorer or fatter. In addition to those things, I have also been part of a winning quiz team – yes, it might have taken us eight weeks, but who couldn’t be proud of a result like that? Broadly speaking, I believe that all of the necessary tools are in place for the second semester to be just as successful – and that means the turkey can go down even better than it usually does this Christmas.

I can relax with the family knowing there is a lot to be pleased about, but I feel like none of it could have been truly achieved without the love, support and friendship that has been constantly shown to me. From the unwavering encouragement at home in Somerset to the broken lift heroics and general awesomeness of my friends in Winchester, there has been an abundance of warmth for which I am truly grateful. Long may it continue! I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far, either in big ways or in smaller ones. Christmas allows us all to come together and take stock of who and what we have around us, while being immensely thankful for all of it. Rest assured that I couldn’t quite have gotten to this point without you. Now that I am here, I intend to enjoy every last moment of it, because it feels wonderful. I hope everyone has a Christmas that is as magical as mine!



4 thoughts on “What Can I Say About Christmas?

  1. Happy Christmas Mason! I hope you’re all having a lovely time with Mum, Dad & Louis. Can I just say that after reading what you wrote about how grateful you are for the support you have received from family & friends made me feel quite emotional! Please give my love to your Mum, Dad and Lois! And enjoy the rest of your break! With love & Best Wishes Aunty Sally xx


    1. Thank you Sally! We are having a lovely Christmas, and hope you are too. Your response to the blog is also very much appreciated – I don’t think I’ve ever heard about it moving someone in that way before! xx


  2. And to remember Jesus without whom we would not celebrate and who is the true meaning of Christmas. Mason, you inspire me with your writing – and I love the way you understand a need to grow in different directions but at the same time maintaining your true pathway in life. May you be truly blessed this Christmas and may your next semester see even greater things transpire. Love and blessings, a fan, Aunty Jane x


    1. Thank you Jane! Your response to the post is lovely and I’m always pleased to see that the blog can resonate with people to some extent. We have certainly had a lovely Christmas so far, and I hope you have too. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store! x


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