Gone Writing

I suppose I should start this first post of 2017 by wishing you all a belated Happy New Year. Then, I should apologise, both for taking so long to follow the last entry up and for the fact that from this point onward, you might be reading a bit less from me for a little while. Indeed, I’m writing this now as less of a full post and more of a note, to let you know that there might be some bigger gaps between updates than there usually are. I’m going to divert my focus towards a book I’ve wanted to put together for some time, filled with extracts from this very blog and some new bits I’m going to try and write alongside them. It might take some time and I obviously can’t tell whether the outcome will be something to be proud of, but I have to attempt it and that means relaxing my presence here where necessary.

I will be back from time to time, however, maybe to tell you about my progress – if I make any! I’m hoping that Will, Emily or Grace can keep the blog going while I’m away, because I’d like them to be able to express themselves, and I’d hate for the site to gather dust! That’s all from me for now, I’ve said what I wanted to say – but I will return, and maybe when you least expect it…



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