The Fries That Bind

The other day, I saw a man become so engrossed in his sausage roll that he stepped out into the road, a second after the traffic lights had turned to green, and found himself narrowly avoiding becoming an interesting new bonnet ornament for an Aston Martin Cygnet. The driver slammed on the car’s brakes and came face to face with someone who had, in a crowded urban area, made rather a twit of himself, with his pastry snack still firmly in hand. No horns were beeped and no commotion was made. The man crossed the road and the Aston carried on its merry way. No harm done.

Having seen the whole thing, however, I couldn’t help but smile because I could see myself in this bloke. Maybe that’s how I’ll go one day, by not paying attention whilst my eyes are busy being bigger than my belly. I love food, be it a sneaky Mini Roll from the cupboard when everyone is out or a full Sunday roast lovingly prepared by Mum or Dad. I always maintain that as far as I’m concerned, the roast forms part of the Holy Trinity of meals, taking pride of place alongside a well-made curry and any kind of pizza. I haven’t yet been taught to cook anything (which I’ll have to be if I go to uni) so eating food tends to appeal to me more than making it. Alongside my ever-growing appetite, however, lies an appreciation for food helping me to connect with my friends.

Whenever I meet up with someone, the chances are we’ll go for a meal. I do believe good food adds to the camaraderie we already have, and in some cases it can help us to catch up with people we haven’t seen in a while. I bumped into an old friend on the bus to work last week, someone I hadn’t seen that often for the best part of two years. It was like some people say – there are certain friends from whom you might find yourself separated for a little while, because you’re just living your own individual lives, but when you meet again it’s as if you were never apart. We have that kind of connection, and on this particular day it just so happened that we also found ourselves together on the bus home. During the journey we hatched a plan – spontaneously, too, and that’s how all the best plans come about. “Let’s go for a pizza!” I said, and we did just that. The takeaway was heaven, and it was great to be able to continue the first good chinwag we’d had in some time. Therefore, the whole thing only cemented my belief in food and the good it can do for people’s relationships. It’s just a shame he wouldn’t let me pay for it, but I have promised I will return the favour next time!



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