Lest We Forget

Hey guys, Will here for another guest post. This article has a much sadder tone than the last one. As many people know, this month has been a plethora of horror. 49 dead in Orlando, the shooting of Jo Cox, and now a bomber in Istanbul. Sadly, with the rate that these chaotic events are happening, we don’t have much time to process what happened. What we lost. It took me a while to figure out how to write this post, because I was so stunned I didn’t know what to write. Okay, here goes…

The day before the Pulse shootings in Orlando, there was another tragedy. Christina Grimmie, a Youtube sensation and Voice contestant, was shot dead at her own concert in the same city. I’ve been a fan of her for a long time, around 4 years. When I first saw the hashtags and the tributes that night, I was stunned. I kept thinking that it was a hoax, some truly awful person trying to scaremonger. But slowly, we were given more information. She was at a meet and greet, signing autographs for friends, when she was shot. Her brother tackled the shooter to the ground, who then shot himself. And as soon as we were beginning to adapt and comprehend this loss, another nutjob opened fire in the Pulse nightclub. So the news about Christina was moved to the side for the week. I feel like more people need to know about who she was.

She was just 22. Christina was just at the point of her career where she was about to blow up in popularity. She’d become big on Youtube, and was one of the first that I knew of.  And from the videos I watched, she was a kind, happy, positive person. She was ridiculously talented. She was killed doing what she loved, and surrounded by people who loved her. That’s the sad thing about this. She felt safe there, she was the star there. And someone snuffed that star out. The same with the others lost in Orlando. They were surrounded by their peers, in a place where they thought the worst thing that could happen was drinking too much. Now people can’t feel safe in these places, because they think that a madman with a god complex may attack.

I am not saying that one of these events is more important than the other. Any life cut short is monumentally tragic. We have lost people this month that were going to do so much more with their lives, and that drives me close to tears. And there are those that to turn these people into political statements. These names are not yours to drag through the mud or put on a poster in order to demonise someone else.

Human beings are capable of great acts of evil. But don’t forget that we are also capable of great acts of love and kindness. That’s what Christina strived to achieve.  That’s what Jo strived to achieve. Keep all of these people in your mind. Do not forget their names. And stay safe.

P.S. Check out the video below.  It’s a tribute to Christina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GNAbALe4y0



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