The Big E

The recent tragic massacre in Orlando, as well as the hatred and persecution that continues to be directed towards people based on grounds such as their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, has left myself and the rest of the world utterly heartbroken. The reaction to events such as the Orlando shootings from the idiots in the world will often set out to demonise entire groups, when only one or very few members is actually responsible for it. This happens time and time again, coming from a dark and dingy corner of the media, the Internet or the political world, and each time nobody who generalises in this manner learns their lesson. Respect itself is being disrespected because people disregard it, and I have long had enough. Whilst I am stating the obvious, there should be no room for bigoted, ignorant, cold-hearted and intolerant arseholes anywhere on the face of this planet. The fact that tragedies continuously reveal the existence of such people stirs a pain within me that is more saddening by the day.

I recently read a post on Emily’s blog in which her focus was mainly on feminism, a very important topic. It was a very well-written and well-researched post, and by this stage I’d already decided to write a post of my own concerning equality. I had trouble finishing it and knowing exactly how to get my points across, however, and it is terrible that it took something as devastating as the Orlando murders to give me the angle I was searching for. It’s also unfortunate that I could not produce as well-researched a case as Emily did, but perhaps it is best for me to let my purest emotions do the talking. As a disabled person, my life has progressed a little differently thus far than those of my peers. I had to do things differently because of my limitations, and they would take time, delay me, and drive me to compromises that did not always allow me to engage in the same experiences as everyone else – and yet every single person I’ve ever encountered has treated me with nothing other than total acceptance and equality (the titular “Big E”). I’ve never ever forgotten this, not even for a single second, and I am always grateful for it. It partly explains why I am left-wing – everyone treats me as an equal, and I quite simply want this for everybody else in the world with no exceptions. Why is this such a big ask for some people? Why are they more inclined to incite hatred or live with blood on their hands than see smiles on faces and a world living in perfect harmony? This kind of psychology is one that should never have graced any part of the world, and to make matters worse we now see people in positions of influence who are looking only to fuel this most undesirable fire – figures such as Nigel Farage on this side of the pond, and Donald Trump on the other. The possibility of either of these men, or people like them, gaining any kind of power is more chilling than any nightmare, and if either event was to become reality it would threaten to cast an even darker shadow over many lives from many nations and backgrounds the world over, including mine. We must therefore do whatever we can to stand together against hatred however it may manifest itself, and alongside whoever it affects. We must submit to love, respect and equality and never to hate or evil.




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