All Hands On Deck

Lost among the barren wasteland of the Internet is my first online project, which can be found at When it was founded on a spare summer’s afternoon in 2011, my slightly too optimistic 13 year-old self believed that it would immediately follow in the wake of the other communities I’d been inspired by and become a runaway success. Unfortunately, I obviously did not take into account the considerable development needed to make the website an appealing product for budding writers like myself, and therefore – as we approach the site’s fifth birthday – no more than four people, including myself, have ever contributed to it.

Nowadays, it’s like a ghost town – completely deserted. I went back to it the other day and realised just how big my delusions of grandeur had been. No more work has been done there, but my desire to create something that others can regularly enjoy alongside myself remains. It’s perhaps logical, therefore, to think about how I can expand this blog, in terms of what it has to offer and how it looks. Whenever it loads up, what do you see? Not just my writing, but also a substantial amount of blue, as things stand – and most people will agree that that won’t do me any favours where catching the eyes of the online public is concerned.

My main priority, of course, is the continued publication of decent content, be it text or anything else. With each new blog post, I’ve had to spend longer and longer on writing the material so that I can ensure it is as fresh as possible. This mindset even to the titles – the name of the aforementioned first website, as you can probably see, is far too long, so when it came to creating this blog I decided that they should be mostly concise. When this isn’t the case, however, they should aim to be sincere or – hopefully – amusing. Personally, I’d say they’ve only been longer when nothing else seemed to fit.

I’ve now come to another apparently natural progression for this blog. The appeal to others might increase if I invited other viewpoints, be they serious or surreal. So that’s just what I’ve done. In the near future, you can expect contributions from Will and Grace (not the sitcom characters). It’s just an experiment at this early stage, but I know that a careful and considered approach could gradually help me achieve the free-for-all community I’ve always wanted.



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