Strong Coffee and Smiles

This morning, it was sunny outside. Whenever it’s like that, my mum and dad are very quick to suggest going out for some fresh air while it lasts. As we all know, however, there are days when you’re just not feeling it, and you’d rather be within the comfort of your own four walls. Today has been just like that for me. I’m on autopilot first thing in the morning, so recently I’ve been getting up and heading straight for the kettle, where I’ll make myself the strongest cup of coffee possible. I like strong coffee, I feel like it’s grabbing me by the scruff of the neck and getting me as wide awake as I’ll need to be. It’s a job done for you in an instant, but I know there’s something – or someone – else that’ll compliment it perfectly.

When lots of your friends are working, away at university or just busy in general as mine seem to be, you can miss their company more than ever. A void appears that not much can fill, and when that happens all the shit that comes with everyday life can weigh more heavily on your mind. I find that these situations prove just how brilliant social media is, because physical distance is obviously no obstacle. All of the people I like best are just a click away, night or day, rain or shine. Even people we only have a short time to interact with in person can be kept close by online. It works both ways – I can joke and reminisce with Will just like I always do, or I can build equally important connections with newer people. Some people say we are social media addicts – if there is any truth in that, I think it can be justified, because I think we’re just taking every last opportunity to cherish those most important to us.

Yesterday I posted a link to this blog on Facebook. One of the many people to kindly compliment it was Grace, a friend I made on the college course. She exemplifies why I’m so glad I can keep in touch with my friends, because she is relentlessly positive and her enthusiasm for what she does seems to be infectious. She’s a breath of fresh air. I told her that myself, and who wouldn’t want that in their life, from anyone? As is the case with all of my friends, we understand each other and are compatible and comfortable talking to one another. I’m thankful for all of these people, and I’d probably need another blog post to cover that fully! Instead of doing it here, then, I’ll do it individually with them whenever necessary. Grace, Will, Tamara and all of my other friends may have been even further away right now were it not for modern technology. So there you have it. Embrace what we have today – because it means nobody is ever too far away to brighten the day. Thank you Grace!



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